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Ministry of Hope & Consolation – Grief Support

The Journey From Grief to Healing

Following the loss of a loved one, a person may experience many different emotions, some of which may seem overwhelming. A person’s grief experience may last a month, a year, or a lifetime.

St. Michael parishioners, who are members of the Ministry of Hope & Consolation , are available to listen, pray with the bereaved, and offer friendship and support during this healing process.

Bereavement Seminars are held in the spring and fall. Each seminar consists of a series of seven sessions.

Topics for the Seven Sessions include:

  • Crazy is Normal
  • Understanding the Stages of Grief
  • Surviving Stress & Loneliness
  • Feelings of Denial, Bargaining, and Guilt – Helping Children Through Grief
  • Our Feelings of Anger and Depression
  • Spiritual Elements of Grief and Healing
  • The Value of Memories
  • Time and Work Committment


For additional information regarding the sessions, please contact Janice at 322-4505, ext. 241 or the news section of this web site as to time and place.

Candlelight Memorial Service

A special All Soul’s Mass remembering our deceased is held  yearly around November 2nd.  Please see the bulletin for further reference.

Ministry of Hope & Consolation – Ministers

A Sanskrit Proverb

Look to this day, for it is life.

For yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow

is only a vision.

But today well lived makes

every yesterday

a dream of happiness, and

every tomorrow

a vision of hope.