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Ministry of Hope & Consolation – Ministers

Bereavement (Consolation) ministers offer support to those on the journey from grief to healing

This ministry is for St. Michael parishioners who have experienced and recovered from a significant personal loss at least two years ago. A bereavement minister is a committed volunteer who is or will be trained in dealing with the feelings and emotions of those who have experienced a significant loss in their life.

What we do as Ministers

Understanding the dynamics of grief and helping others through the grief process to search for inner strength, hope, and new beginnings are also a great part of this ministry. From experience, we realize that one of the final stages in healthy grief recovery is a desire to reach out and help others who are grieving.

Participating in this ministry gives a person the opportunity to help others who are suffering the loss of a loved one and to share their own grief experiences. The primary goal is to offer hope to the grieved and to encourage them to openly express their feelings. This ministry offers information that encourages growth in the grieving process and provides, for those in the grief process, bereavement sessions twice a year.

Time and work commitment necessary

One bereavement session is held in the spring and one in the fall consisting of a series of 7 sessions dealing with different aspects of the grief process. A Candlelight Memorial Service is held on All Soul’s Day to honor those members of our parish or relatives of St. Michael parishioners who have died during the past year. Here at St. Michael, we want the grieving members of our parish community to know that the people of this parish are supportive and willing to “walk through the valley” with them.

One must be trained as a bereavement minister, either through another program or here at St. Michael. The team consists of a number of ministers who work together to support each other as well as those who are grieving. The time commitment can be flexible. For more information regarding this ministry please call Janice at 322-4505, ext. 241.

Ministry of Hope & Consolation – Grief Support

A Sanskrit Proverb

Look to this day, for it is life.

For yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow

is only a vision.

But today well lived makes

every yesterday

a dream of happiness, and

every tomorrow

a vision of hope.