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Lector Ministry

Our purpose is to glorify God by proclaiming God’s Word in Liturgies

Those who proclaim God’s Word in the liturgy are known asMinisters of the Word, Readers or Lectors. When you answer this call, you enter a deeper relationship with God revealed in sacred scripture. You take upon yourself the awesome duty and privilege of sharing the Word with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lectors proclaim the readings, with the exception of the Gospel. They may also announce the general intercessions when a deacon is not present.

Gifts and Talents Needed

  • Love of and familiarity with the Word
  • Willingness to share that love of the Word with the Community
  • Clear speaking voice
  • Reference from the General Introduction to the Lectionary (Second Edition) (Sacred Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship) Paragraph 55. “It is necessary that those who exercise the ministry of reader … be truly suited and carefully prepared, so that the faithful may develop a warm and living love for Sacred Scripture from listening to the sacred readings.”93 Their preparation must above all be spiritual, but what may be called a technical preparation is also needed.
  • Willingness to participate in the continuing development of public presentation and proclamation skills
  • Willingness to continue spiritual and liturgical formation

Training/Time Commitment

  • New Lectors receive training and orientation to our community’s liturgical practices in one or two sessions
  • Sunday Lectors are scheduled approximately once every four weeks
  • Weekday Lectors are on a weekly rotating schedule
  • Lector Ministry meets four times a year for continuing spiritual, liturgical, and technical formation
  • If you are interested in becoming a Lector, call 219-322-4505 ext. 262 and leave your name and phone number. The coordinator will return your call to answer any questions or to arrange a time for training.

Download or view the Ministry Position Description pdf file