Holy Matrimony:

Contrary to popular misconception, the priest does NOT confer the sacrament of Holy Matrimony – the priest is merely the ‘witness’ to the man and woman making their vows before God. It is the husband and wife who ‘minister’ the Sacrament to themselves from God. However, the fact that a husband and wife make the sacrament between themselves and God does not mean that they can ‘unmake’ this union, as it is an agreement until the death of one of the parties.

The bride or groom, their parents, or their grandparents must be active registered members of the parish for at least three years prior to reserving a date for a wedding. In addition to the parish registration criteria, the diocese requires that arrangements must be made at least six months in advance of the wedding date in order for the proper personal, spiritual and liturgical preparation of the couple to be completed.

No weddings are scheduled during the seasons of Advent or Lent.

Please call Janice Gatons, Pastoral Associate, at 322-4505 ext 241 with any questions you may have or to schedule your wedding.




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Holy Matrimony

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