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Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing acknowledges the need for holistic health care. We are all complex beings, consisting of many parts that make us who we are, and in this ministry we seek to address some of these issues. We begin to acknowledge that we stand on holy ground. We know that what we do is more than a job.

This ministry is committed to the healing mission of the church. It is through assessing the social, psychological, and physical needs of the community that the volunteers within this ministry aid in helping individuals in need of service.

What nurse volunteers do

Parish Nurses:

  • Usually assists in assessing blood pressures for parishioners after the 7:00 AM Mass on Wednesdays.
  • Blood pressure, glucose screenings and oxygen saturation levels are performed after the 5:00 PM Vigil Mass and the 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM Masses on Sunday each month (see the bulletin for actual dates).
  • Assist with blood drives four times a year.
  • Assist with Health Check Screenings once a year.
  • Assist with other healthcare programs.

Meetings are held quarterly to discuss the medical needs of parishioners. See the bulletin for meeting dates, time and location. Please contact the parish nurse at 322-4505, ext. 241 for more information regarding this ministry of social outreach.

Here at St. Michael a certified Parish Nurse is part of the parish staff who coordinates the nurses and health care professionals, who wish to be involved, in a number of different programs. The Parish Nurse acts as a health educator, personal health counselor, referral agent, trainer and coordinator of specific volunteers, developer of support groups, health advocate, and integrator of faith and health.

Health encompasses all aspects of humanity. Fundamental to health are the beliefs, values and assumptions that inspire and motivate people towards quality of life.

I will restore your health. Your wounds, I will heal. — Jeremiah 30:17