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Respect Life Ministry

Our organization was started at St. Michael Parish in the year 2000. We meet as a group once a month. The date, time and location of our meetings can be found in the St Michael Respect Life Group article in our weekly parish bulletin.

Our mission statement is, “Respect life from conception until natural death.” (Pope John Paul II) – especially for the most innocent and vulnerable.

Members of our ministry are involved in many activities, including collecting baby clothes, maternity clothes, furniture and other items for pregnancy help centers – such as Birth Choice and the Answer – and for anyone who is in need. We also hold fundraisers – such as the Annual Rose Sale and selling Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards. A Christmas tradition is to visit a local nursing home with songs and gifts. In an effort to put ‘Christ’ back into Christmas, we started another tradition of having a breakfast with Baby Jesus and Santa. A continental breakfast is provided along with the opportunity of having children’s pictures taken with Baby Jesus and Santa.

We also pass out LIFE literature and balloons at our parish’s Fun Fest. We inform parishioners of legislative actions concerning life and ask that they get involved by calling or e-mailing their representatives.

Our members participate in the “National 40 Days of Life” by joining others in praying the rosary at the Planned Parenthood Facility in an effort to end abortion.

More future endeavors

We would like to coordinate efforts with the parish school in making information available to help educate students on the sanctity of life and the practice of pre-marital chastity.

We would like to assist other parishes in forming Respect Life Ministries in their parishes. Most especially, we hope and pray for an end to abortion. May God bless our efforts.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Respect Life Ministry, you may call Marlene at 365-5355 or Joan at 865-2547.

The following are the events we either sponsor or support each year. We have them listed by month as the date changes each year. At our meetings, we look ahead a couple of months to see which events are coming up and what preparation we need to do.

There are also other Pro-Life events that occur throughout the dioceses and when we hear of them we mention them in our meetings and have them added to the bulletin. The events with a date are those for the remainder of 2015 and the dates known for 2016.

December 13- Breakfast with Baby Jesus and St Nick – photo op with Baby Jesus and St. Nick
December 18–Christmas Caroling at Nursing Home
January – Anniversary of Roe v. Wade – Prayer Service or participation in Chicago March*

March – Annunciation of the Lord – The diary of the aborted/and almost unborn
Spiritual Adoption*
April – Right to Life Banquet we support by selling ads for the ad book (date varies)
April 17 – Smart Chicks and Old Bags Fundraiser
May – Mother’s/Father’s Day Card Sale (start 2 weeks prior to Mother’s/Father’s Day
June 25 – Fortnight of Freedom Novena – promote novena
August – Lake County Fair – LCRTL booth we volunteer to take a turn at the booth
September – St Michael’s Feast Day – Ministry Faire
October 2 – Respect Life Sunday – sell roses
October 15– National Miscarriage and Loss Day*

40 Days for Life – Usually have one at the beginning of Lent and one during the Fall. We pick a day for our Parish and encourage sign up for that day. We also offer other ideas for those who cannot go to Planned Parenthood such as attending Adoration on Wednesdays, Praying Bishop Sheen’s Prayer, Have a prayer for the students that they can pray daily, Have a prayer service in the evening. Check LCRTL activities and report what they will be doing.

• Spiritual Adoption –a program to promote spiritual adoption throughout the year. The program includes explaining what we are doing at Mass and then there are articles that can be put in the bulletin for 9 months and at the end we would do something special like a baby shower or have a diaper collection. We will decide later on what activity we will end with.
• January Roe V. Wade activity: Margie Herman contacted Marlene and advised that Right To Life is planning a March for Life in Chicago a week prior to Washington’s March for Life in January 2016. She wanted to find out if we would want to participate. Marlene suggested we try to get a bus to leave to St Michaels if we could get enough interest. There will be meetings on October 7 and January 5. Marlene just wanted to get this into the minutes and make sure it is something we start planning now and make sure we bring it up at future meetings. There was interest but we need to determine if a bus is a good idea or car pooling or taking train. We will discuss at future meetings.
• Jill Mc Namara mentioned that October 15 is National Miscarriage and Loss Day – We need to do something to encourage all woman with loss to light a candle at a certain time or maybe see if a balloon launch is admissible. This is an event we need to do on an annual basis. Cathy B. will add to our event list.