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(Latin: sacer, sacred)

St. Michael Parish is blessed with faithful parishioner volunteers who choose to become involved in the Sacristan Ministry. Sacristans prepare the Church for liturgy (Mass, Prayer Services, etc. ). As a group, we usually meet in the Church on Monday mornings.

What do Sacristans do?

There is much to do “behind the scenes” so that each liturgy runs smoothly. We make sure that the Sacred Vessels and linens are clean, in good repair and in place for each liturgy. We maintain the candles located throughout the Chapel and the Church. The sacristans ensure that the Sacred Books are in place and are in good condition. We keep the two Sacristies, the Chapel and Church clean and, with an eye for detail, make sure everything is in its proper place before and after each liturgy. Our volunteer Sacristans and assistants are both men and women – span a wide age-range, from 93 years on down – and with the variety of things that need to be done, everyone easily finds an area where they can be of service.

Love in Action

“Many hands make light work.” We are always thankful and welcome “many hands” when it comes time for our biannual washing and polishing of our pews and pewlets. This “God’s House” cleaning is done every Spring and Fall. Dates and times are posted in the parish bulletin and will also be listed on the “parish news” area of this website. Any time you can share with us, even if it is only an hour, will be appreciated.

Mother Teresa said, “ Love has to be put in action, and that action is service.” If you feel you might be able to express your love of God and His people by volunteering to serve through ourSacristan Ministry, please call our Head Sacristan, Joan Hamnik, at 322-4505 extension 228.

Download or view the Ministry Position Description pdf file