Apply For Enrollment

Apply at St. Michael Parish School

If you are interested in applying for enrollment with St. Michael School, please call us at 219-322-4531 and ask for Karen.

If you wish to submit your full contact information, feel free to download the form below, fill it out, and email it back to Karen by clicking here.

Please note, the following documents will be needed for application:

-Birth Certificate

-Proof of current immunizations

-Standarized Test Scores (if applicable)

-Current Report Card (K-8)

-Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)

-Communion & Confirmation Certificate (if applicable)

-Custodial Papers / Court Orders / Legal Documents (if applicable)

Greetings From Our Staff

Dear Welcomed Guest,

Thank you for your interest in St. Michael Catholic School for your child’s educational journey. I look forward to meeting and working with you. St. Michael’s is an excellent school with rich Catholic traditions in a community of faith and learning – a community that emphasizes moral development, service to others, and leadership skills.

St. Michael Catholic School is an outstanding environment with a balanced curriculum that includes art, music, physical education, writing workshops, and foreign language, as well as extra-curricular activities and sports. We have a strong commitment to technology to enhance our education, including computer labs, Smart Board technology, and Chromebooks.

Our safe and nurturing environment allows the St. Michael student body to be always discovering, always engaged, and always learning. The faculty and staff, a dedicated group of individuals, well-trained and qualified by experience, work closely with your child to reach their highest potential. Our student body is blessed to be a part of a caring community that fosters lifelong friendships.

Miss Colleen M. Kennedy, Principal

Greetings from our Pastor

I am very grateful that you would consider our parish school, St. Michael Catholic School, as a place for your child to learn and to grow. I myself attended Catholic grade school in Highland, Indiana. In those days, classes were large but we learned well. I remember moving into high school and being amazed how far ahead I was from many of my classmates. What was even more amazing is that I would have considered myself a B-student. That same early success carried on into college and beyond.

The reason I think that this is the case is not only the excellent dedicated teachers but also the learning of good life skills rooted in my Faith. This formation in both studies and faith created for me an even sturdier foundation on which I built my life and career.

My parents, who were of modest means, sent six of us to Catholic school. I remember as a child it was not always easy for them and us, but I thank them for being resolute for all of us, keeping the larger picture of future success before their eyes. It was the best gift they have given me, those first eight years.

I pray that you too find what is offered here a great gift, or as the gospel of Matthew says, “a pearl of great price” that is worth pursuing. (Matthew 13: 45-46)In Christ, our Teacher and Guide,

Fr. Martin J. Dobrzynski, Pastor

“If faith can move mountains…imagine what it will do for your child’s education.”