Indiana Choice Scholarship

St. Michael Catholic School is an Approved Indiana Choice Scholarship School

Parents interested in applying for this scholarship can visit the Indiana Department of Education website. This is the only site that should be used to collect information for the Scholarship Program. Families can obtain information on income eligibility.

Applications are made directly through the school office. IDOE required papers must be submitted at the time of school application. The following information must be provided at application:

  1. 1040 Federal Tax forms for prior year of application. Student name must appear on the 1040 Tax form
  2. IDOE Household Size Verification Form
  3. IDOE Income Verification Form
  4. Income Worksheet Form
  5. Copy of credentials for direct verification applicants
  6. St. Michael School registration papers
  7. Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Immunizations, academic records, and any custody papers if applicable
  8. Parish membership required papers

IDOE required forms are available on the Indiana Department of Education website. This scholarship is for current Indiana residents. There are 7 pathways of application. All students applying for admission to St. Michael Catholic School are required to take a placement test.

Indiana Department of Education Website