Middle School (6th – 8th)

St. Michael Middle School (Grades 6th – 8th)

St. Michael Middle School is part of the whole mission and spirit of St. Michael, yet has an identity of its own, helping to create a bridge from elementary school to high school. We strive for our students to experience the growth of learning more independent skills and building upon the responsibilities and leadership skills that a Catholic education incorporates from preschool.

Students lead, discuss, and express their faith throughout their day. Leading prayer, taking an active role in the liturgy of the Mass, attending retreats, and expressing their faith through numerous service projects is the essence of their education. Our middle school also plays a strong role in demonstrating leadership skills and mentoring to the younger grades. We are nurturing and educating the whole child at St. Michael School.

We are proud of the strong and structured academic curriculum taught by educators who are trained in their area of expertise. We are a departmentalized program with students changing classes throughout their day. We offer an advisory class which allows for reading of novels, tutoring, math enrichment, and access to resources. Our small class sizes in the middle school help to meet the needs of each and every student. The passion of our faculty is evident in their willingness to go beyond the classroom, whether it be extra-curricular activities, tutoring, service hour projects, student council, or just meeting the daily needs of their students.

We continue to prosper and grow with numerous teaching styles evident in our middle school. Students are challenged through project-based learning, a hands-on science program, cooperative learning, peer mentoring, higher-level thinking skills, and technology. Technology is incorporated throughout our curriculum and utilized as a tool to promote concepts, skills, and mastery of subject matter. Our faculty encourages and promotes our students to think beyond and to challenge themselves to meet their academic successes. We educate our students to respect and take responsibility for their education.

Students in middle school have many opportunities beyond the classroom to take advantage of as they grow in their faith and knowledge. We offer a sports program, academic clubs, fine arts program, social events, community awareness, and service opportunities within our school, church, and community. We also have built a middle school that fosters a family atmosphere, and close knit friendships between students that last throughout their life. Our young people are proud to be SMS students, and carry their faith, education, and blessings throughout their lives.