Advertising in church bulletins is an essential component of an effective marketing strategy. It is an excellent way for businesses to reach a responsible and responsive family market.

Here’s why you should consider church bulletin advertising for your business:

– You have a captive audience in your church community.

– It’s a great source of referrals or word-of-mouth advertising.

– Build awareness, potential customers will see your business name every week.

– It is an affordable way to advertise locally and target your community.

– It shows your support for your community, and in turn, parishioners will support you.

– Your business will be seen as a trusted source by parish families.

– For the same price as a one-week insertion in a newspaper, you’ll receive a full year of advertising support both in print and online.

What are you waiting for? Build awareness for your business, advertise with St. Michael Parish as a part of your effective marketing strategy.