Our bulletin production company J.S. Paluch ceased publishing our bulletin unexpectedly back in 2022. This has left us with a tough choice in 2022 and we decided to bring our bulletin in-house in 2023.

To offset rising printing costs, we will be selling a variety of advertising packages with a flat rate available dependent on a small variety of ad size variations. Additionally, payment plans of two 6 month payments to one 1 year payment will be available. 

Due to our new in-house bulletin production, all advertising income will now go directly to supporting the bulletin production program and our over 40+ parish ministries directly

The Ad Layout & Pricing pages below will be updated to reflect sold ads regularly. Please refer to this website for the most up to date / for sale ad spots or contact Communications Director at 219-334-8042.

We thank you in advance for your support and generosity!