St. Patrick Hall

Policies and Procedures

The first priority for the St. Patrick Hall and meeting rooms is always parish meetings and functions. Hall rental is available only to registered parishioners of St. Michael Parish and always subject to scheduled parish events. No rental will be allowed when there is any type of liturgy or service (such as a wedding) in the main worship space of the Church. Because the Hall is a part of the Church building and directly connected to the main worship space, it is not available for weddings or Quinceañera receptions. Rentals must be scheduled through the Parish Executive Secretary, Judi Patzelt at 219 322-4505 ext. 8220


What’s Available

St. Patrick Hall Rental Packages

Social Functions: Entire hall (including bar) $525.00, 4-hour rental. Maximum capacity 300 people.
Option A – Partial Hall (excluding bar) $325.00, 4-hour rental. Maximum capacity 150 people, East & Center Portions of Hall.
Option B – Partial Hall (excluding bar) $225.00, 4-hour rental. Maximum capacity 40 people, East Portion of Hall

Seminars and Presentations: Social Hall only $300.00, 4-hour rental. (Use of projection screen, sound system and electric included with this rental fee.)

Southeast or Southwest Meeting Rooms Rental

  • Available for groups of 24 or less.
  • Either room $125.00, 4-hour rental.
  • A deposit of $100.00 is required immediately to hold a date with the balance due one week prior to the event.

Alcoholic Beverages

The parish holds a State of Indiana Liquor License. All liquor must be purchased and provided by the parish. Arrangements must be made through the Hall Manager, David Mendoza, regarding the cost of liquor packages available.

The services of a bartender(s) will be provided at an additional cost to the renter. The fee is $18.00 per hour.

A security guard paid for by the renter and provided by St. Michael parish must be on hand throughout the rental period for any event at which alcohol will be served. The fee is $45.00 per hour.

No liquor may be brought into the building by individuals renting the space or their guests. This policy will be strictly enforced by the Hall Manager, the bartender(s) and the security guard.

Contact David at 219-322-4505 ext.253.

Hall Availability

Day Availability

Monday thru Friday – Open availability

Saturday – Afternoon events can be scheduled beginning at noon and must be over and cleaned up by 4:00 PM. Please note no event will be scheduled in the Social Hall on a Saturday afternoon when a wedding is scheduled in the Church. Evening events can be schedule beginning at 7:00 PM and must conclude by 11:00 PM. Set-up can begin no earlier then 6:30 PM. The only exception would be for an event that follows a special blessing at the 5:00 PM Mass. (Example: Wedding Anniversary, etc.) In that case the event could begin immediately following the mass with set-up beginning at 4:00 PM.

Sunday – Events can be scheduled beginning at 2:00 PM and must conclude by 6:00 PM with set-up to begin no earlier then 1:00 PM.


The hall is set-up in the normal configuration for parish functions. The renter(s) may position the tables as needed for their function. In the case of a catered event, the room set-up is the responsibility of the caterer. It is the responsibility of the renter(s), or the caterer to return all tables to the original set-up as well as to return the space to the same cleanliness as prior to the event. No food, beverage or trash is to be left out in the open, on tables or anywhere in the rental space. Trash is to be bagged, tied and left in the trash receptacles for removal by parish maintenance staff or by the caterer at catered functions.


Food may be brought in or catered by either of the two caterers listed below. The kitchen may only be used by the two approved caterers. Events with food brought in by the renter will have no access to the kitchen.

Recommended Caterers

Rob’s Home Style Catering, 219.322.6130

Scarborough Faire, 219.865.4660

Questions concerning cost and menu are to be discussed with the caterer. The catering fee is between the renter and the caterer and is in addition to the rental fee charged by the parish for the use of the Social Hall or meeting room(s).