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Welcome to Faith Formation

About Faith Formation

The Role of the Family

(255)“The role of the family is the first soil on which is planted the seed of faith.  Parents are the primary educators in the Faith.  All members of the extended family have some role in the formation of young Christians.”

It is important that families receive the support and encouragement of their parish community. Parish programs for parents do not, however, need to turn parents into educators.  In the family, a Christian education is more witnessed than taught

St. Francis told his followers, “Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words.”


Traditional (Tuesday & Wednesday) & Good Shepherd (Tuesday) Classes

  • $100.00 a year for (1) Child
  • $190.00 a year for (2) Children
  • $270.00 a year for (3) Children
  • $330.00 a year for (4+) Children

Sunday Family Program (Sunday once a month)

  • $100.00 a year for (1) Child
  • $160.00 a year for (2) Children
  • $240.00 a year for (3) Children
  • $300.00 a year for (4+) Children

Non-members attending Faith Formation will be assessed $150.00 per family plus tuition. St. Michael members will be given preference for placement if there is a waiting list for classes.

It is expected that all families who are parishioners of St. Michael’s Parish contribute weekly using their Sunday envelopes or electronic fund transfer. If this condition is not met, the non-member assessment will be added to your tuition. If this assessment is not paid by April 1st your registration will not be accepted for the upcoming year.

All tuition must be paid by April 15th

Class Days & Times

Traditional Classroom Model

Tuesday Grades 1-8 6:00 pm. – 7:30 pm St. Michael School
Wednesday Grades 1-8 6:00 pm. – 7:30 pm St. Michael School
Good Shepherd Model/Tuesday
3yrs old – Grade 8
6:00 pm. – 7:30 pm St. Michael Parish Hall
Sunday Family Program 9:30 am – 11:00am St. Michael School

Sunday Worship & Sacramental Policy

Sunday Worship

Celebrating the Eucharist at mass each week as a family provides another important opportunity for children and youth.  Regular church attendance helps connect their religious instruction to living a life of faith.  It reinforces the gospel values presented in class.  All families are called to attend Sunday mass on a weekly basis.  In a family, a Christian education is more witnessed than taught.

Sacramental Policy

Saint Michael’s policy requires that all children begin their faith formation as soon as possible and at least by Grade 1. Each child should have completed the curriculum of First Grade before entering Second Grade and the Second Grade curriculum before entering the Third Grade. Second and Third Grade are sacramental years. The sacrament of First Penance is celebrated in Second Grade. The Sacrament of First Holy Communion is celebrated in Third Grade.

Children in Grade Three and above with no previous formation will be involved in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults which offers a process for bringing older children into the faith. Further information may be found in Part II. Rites for Particular Circumstances 1. Christian Initiation of Children who have reached Catechetical Age found in the “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.” This document was published in 1988 and is mandatory in the dioceses of the United States.

The celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation takes place in Grade Eight and again children and middle school youth need to continue their formation after First Communion. It is expected that they are involved in the curriculum from Grade Four through Grade Seven before entering the Confirmation year in eighth grade. Middle School youth enrolling in Grade 7 or in Grade 8 without prior formation will be celebrate their Confirmation when they are in Grade 9/10.


Yearly registration for the following Faith Formation classes will be held in April of each year and done in person.  Any new parishioners will need to bring a copy of the student’s baptismal certificate.  A documentation of transfer is needed if the child has been attending Faith Formation elsewhere.  The dates of registration will be in the Sunday bulletin and on the web site

Address & Office Hours

St. Michael Faith Formation
16 West Wilhelm Street
Schererville, Indiana 46375

Monday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday Noon – 7:30 pm
Thursday – by appointment
Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Closed
Sunday Family Sessions – 8:00 am – 11:00 am